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Currently, EHR Certification is a confusing topic because many of the standards are still being discussed and agreed upon. There are two main types of EHR Certification, software certification and personnel certification.

There is a big push for hospitals and medical practices to move to EHR (Electronic Health Records) systems to qualify for meaningful use incentive payments. The incentive payments are designed to help offset the cost of the EHR systems as they can be quite costly. But there is one important thing to remember, just because the EHR software is certified, it does not guarantee you will qualify for the incentive payments.

EHR Certification for Software

EHR Certification for software currently has two main types, CCHIT and ONC-ATCB. The CCHIT certification is the more comprehensive test that utilizes scripts to test the software. The CCHIT certification tests are proprietary and can only be administered by CCHIT. The ONC-ATCB certification is narrowly targeted towards meaningful measures and does not test everything an EHR system needs to be functional. The ONC-ATCB certification tests are open and can be administered by any approved testing company.

EHR Certification for Personnel

EHR Certification for personnel currently includes the HIT Pro exam developed by ONC (Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT) and AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association). Actually, this is NOT a certification exam but a competency exam. The exam was created in an attempt to help fill the estimated 50,000 new positions that will be needed to implement EHR systems in the United States. There are six HIT Pro exams covering the roles and training provided by ONC’s Community College Consortia program. Training for the exam is available through a HITECH Grant program offered at many local community colleges.

There are currently six HIT Pro exams pertaining to different workforce roles. The exams include:


So make sure you check back often for information and news about EHR Certification.

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